Indoor soft play is fun for children of all ages, but more than this, it equips them with 'life lessons' from an early age.

Active play increases children's confidence and self-esteem, invites abstract thinking, encourages empathy and ability to co-operate, fires their imagination and creativity, and develops their social language and mental skills.

By learning to solve navigation problems the child's confidence and self esteem are also enhanced.



While visiting a play centre is primarily about fun, for the comfort and safety of all, we do expect patrons to adhere to a few simple rules.

Parents, guardians and carers are responsible for children at all times. It is also their responsibility to ensure that their children only play in the zones appropriate for their age.

Runamok is the perfect place to celebrate your child's birthday or other special event. A fun, clean and event with no clearing up to do afterwards!

Parties typically last 1hr and 45 minutes. At weekends party giuests will enter Runamok using the Party Entrance, through the car park at the far end of the building. The first hour is in the Play Centre on the play equipment under the supervision of the party parents and guest parents. After the first hour, the children and adults are called into the Party Centre where a hostess serves the party food and drink, leads the cake cutting and conducts the party games (if applicable).


Runamok offers three different party types although only the Standard Package is the only one available at weekends.
The Toddler Package is ideal for mums of pre-schoolers and is available during term-time* only.
Alternatively if you require the whole play area for a private party you can choose our Exclusive Package available during weekday evenings by arrangement

Please use the comparison table below to see the features and costs of our party packages. Desktop browsers can see expanded information by hovering the mouse pointer over items in the comparison table.


  • Ham, Cheese, Tuna & Egg Sandwiches
  • Vegetable & Seasonal Fruit Platters
  • Mini Sausages (or Cheese & Rolls)
  • Low-Fat Crisps
  • Party Tree Confection
  • Unlimited Blackcurrant & Orange Squash
  • Other Food Options at Extra Cost



£1.50 each

Our Party Packs provide much longer enjoyment than traditional party bags which are often discarded after a few minutes. Each pack contains a 3D model, Activity Book, Repeelable Stickers, Jigsaw and Multi-coloured Pencils.

Note: We cannot offer choice of individual packs but they will be given out appropriate to recipient's gender..

Examples of Packs


  • A party is not considered booked until a deposit has been paid.
  • During the party there should be at least one parent supervising every five children. For safety and convenience of other centre users we respectfully ask, if possible, that the number of adults staying does not exceed the number of children attending the party, especially at peak periods.
  • You must make guest parents aware that they must purchase separate admission tickets for children (siblings) not attending the party and wishing to remain during the event, WHETHER they wish to play or not. Payment should be made while registering the party children in the Party Centre Reception.
    NOTE: These children should be supervised by an adult at all times and must return to the Party Centre before the end of the party, for signing out with the party children.
  • Parents collecting children should be advised of the duration of 1h 45m to make sure that they are signed out promptly at the end of the party. For example a party booked for a 1pm start will finish promptly at 2:45pm. Children remain the responsibility of the Party Parents until they are collected.
  • Socks must be worn while children are on the play equipment and all other Terms of Play must be observed at all times (there are signs displayed at the two receptions and on the play equipment).
  • Children will not be allowed to move freely between the Party and Play Centres without parental escort. This is to comply with insurance requirements.
  • Under no circumstances will party children be allowed back into the Main Hall and onto the play equipment after they have moved into the Party Centre for food and games.
  • A confirmed booking is subject to your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

At Runamok our focus is firmly on healthy and wholesome food.

The cafe is open for business throughout the day (until 5pm for food orders) and offers dozens of mouth watering dishes and refreshing drinks for both adults and children.

Choose from a selection of home-made sandwiches, hot ciabattas, wraps including some of our own very special creations. We've added a healthy twist to some firm favourites and made sure there's a range of inviting options for our younger visitors too.

Note: Not all dishes are available at all times. The majority of food is made fresh, so please be patient at busy times.



Our best selling line. Try our acclaimed homemade chicken tikka or chilli beef sizzler. Go on spoil yourself


The perennial favourite. Available on white or brown bread, accompanied by a handful of crisps


Light but filling, our homemade wraps are the perfect choice for a healthy lunch


Our delicious jackets are served with a diverse range of generous toppings from cheese to our homemade chilli


Not homemade but the next best thing. Delicious hand finished Austrian pizzas. Also available to takeaway


Served until 11am only
Start your day with a simple toastie or full English


Healthy food for the little ones. Choose from a selection of sandwiches, jackets, pizza and other dishes


Mostly homemade, our cakes are truly scrumptious.
Don't worry, we won't tell!







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